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Obituary of Andrew Jackson LUCAS
Feb 5, 1844 - Aug 29, 1916

Andrew Jackson Lucas, born Feb 5, 1844. Died Aug 29, 1916. Such may be the wording on the tomb of one of God's most faithful workers, but the volume of deeds he did for love of God and His faithful children, the appeals he has made for Christ, and those whom his heart touched in sympathy to the needs and voice of widow and orphan, while the Macedonian cry never fell unheard on his ears. God relieved him of his suffering to reward him for his labors - "his works do follow him" - while he was visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Norah Allee in Oklahoma, on Aug 29, 1916, and the remains still loved though the sweet spirit had been wafted upward, were brought back to the old home where hundreds of friends and relatives might view for the last time him whom they had sought for counsel and with whom they had associated in love and confidence. The church felt its loss, the sinner felt his loss, the whole community aye, many in places in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri mourn him as one whose place cannot be filled, while Tennessee is honored in that she gave him a birthplace. In the Kiowa Church in Oklahoma stands an upholstered easy chair that was placed there through appreciation and love, for his comfort. A pastor wrote of him, "He is not like Paul, he is not like Peter, he is not like any of the Apostles; not him. He is like the Lord." What more can be said? Rev. W. M. Day pronounced the funeral service in the New Providence Church.

Brother Lucas, or "Uncle Jack" was instrumental in the organization of that church 40 years ago. The Masons then performed their beautiful funeral rites and bore the body to the Sowers cemetery where hundreds more awaited it. Between the coffin and the grave, Mrs. E. B. Kilgore, whose tongue spoke as the spirit gave it utterance, stood and addressed that vast throng in a beautiful impressive speech, after which his lifeless form was placed in the grave beside his wife, to await the call and follow the example of his Savior in resurrection. His wife was Elizabeth Houston, daughter of Rev. Milton Houston and second cousin of General Sam Houston.

While a soldier in the Confederate Army at a soldiers' prayer meeting he enlisted in the service of Christ, whom he followed with zeal and faithfulness.

One sister, Mrs. Bettie Allee, and three children, John Lucas and Mrs. Norah Allee of Oklahoma and Bliss Lucas on the old farm home near Irving, survive him, while the church and community will sadly miss this "lay preacher," as a minister of Christ termed him. No more will we see him, save in memory, stand and read from the blessed book. No more will we hear his dear voice as he pleads with God for the lost. No more can we seek him for counsel in our church or personal affairs, but we are thankful and bless God our Father that we have known this faithful servant of Christ.

Mrs. Eugenia Foster,
Eagle Ford, Texas

Baptist Progress, 16 Nov 1916


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