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Allee-Lucas Family in 1909

Point to a face to see the name below the photo.

Allee-Lucas Family in 1909


Some of my graphics are from the former vikimouse website:

1. Thomas Merrill Allee 2. Laura Ann Pryor Allee 3. Ima Nora Allee 4. Thomas D Allee 5. Mary (Nonnie) Mignon Miller Allee 6. William Elbert Allee 7. Abraham Frank Allee 8. Nora Bell Lucas Allee 9. Charlie Harles Boulware 10. Martha Elizabeth Boulware 11. Mary Etta Allee Boulware 12. Merrill Frank Allee 13. Vena (Vinnie) Portiss Hewitt Allee 14. Josiah Thomas Merrill (Joe) Thomas Merrill Allee 15. Margaret (Maggie) Bessie Allee 16. Andrew Lafayette Allee, Jr. 17. Charles (Charlie) Homer Fuller 18. William Andrew Lucas 19. Bertha Barbara Lucas 20. Clara Ethel Lucas 21. John William Lucas 22. L. Zetta Lucas 23. Edna Fay Lucas 24. Cloudy Marie Lucas 25. Lola Elizabeth Lucas 26. Mary Jane Allee Lucas 27. Stella Nora Lucas 28. Anna Elizabeth (Bettie) Allen Allee 29. James (Jim) Lafayette Allee 30. Minnie Allee 31. Jennie Rebecca Allee 32. Gertie Allee 33. Margaret Bessie Allee 34. Bob Frank Allee 35. Lafayette Jackson Allee 36. Lennie Bettie Allee 37. Fayette Franklin Allee 38. Thomas Gilbert Allee