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The Thank You List


The volume and quality of my information and photos have been made possible by a lot of people. To all of you, thank you.

Glen Reno, for creating and sharing Allee, Lucas and Houston family tree wall charts.

Leona Crispen Allee, who never threw anything away, for 100+ years of photos, 40+ years of correspondence, 90 years of memories, and a giving heart.

Lea Ann Donnelley Walker, for writing the history of the Main/Donnelley families and the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch.

Rob Walker, historian, specializing in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, for organizing and sharing information.

Virginia (Ginger) Allee, historian, specializing in Allee ancestry, for writing an Allee-Lucas Reunion book.

Norma Gamble for the wonderful photo of Thomas J Grant and Nancy Jane Allee. Gerry Lucas for the large Allee group photo. Bernice Johnson and Kay Ekstrom for many lovely Ekstrom family photos.

A few of my fellow researchers for sharing information and contacts:
Gary Allee (FL), Gary Allee (IN), Loretta Tyner Nicholes, Jim Main, Cindy Lucas Sisco, Effie Kensell, Gary Greene, M. Lynn Cornett, Mary Alley, P.J. Cowling, Keith Jensen, Thomas Merrill Allee, Jr., Roy Hall, Steve Hall, Kellie Williams, Marjorie Dunn Baker, Jaynean Bailey, Suzy Burt, Brenda Hudson, Tom Welch, Alan Sparks, Gene Gallagher, Laurel Peregrino.


Some of my graphics are from the former vikimouse website: